Karisa Gonba

Her dad owns the place




also speaks Twilek and Bothan.
lost 500 credits on dice
1 frag grenade
Talked hunter out of 200 credits
-2 Force Point
1 sand worm fang
Payed 1000 credits
Sold copy of holofootage of hunt to hunter for 100 credits
Buy all weather cloak tailored to look high class for 100 credits
Buy 4 medpacks for total 400 credits
[end of mission 1 (5967 credits total)
aquatic breather (-350)
payed 1000 credits for Gungan contract plus 100 credit bonus for retrieving enemy computer core.
total after mission 2 (6727 credits plus vibrodagger, blaster rifle, and blaster pistol)
Spent 400 credits on 2 frag grenades (2 D8 damage)
Earned 3800 cr (11027 cr total at end of mission 3)

Karisa Gonba

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